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Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

Richer Online Programs with Great Support Services

If you want to launch excellent online and agile programs in Africa and fill them with interested, qualified students, we offer transparent, flexible and cost-effective services that are underpinned by our deep, nuanced understanding of the continent.

Agile Universities are the Future of Education

A once isolated venture, online learning has become the priority of top global universities in meeting the modern student’s needs. They think of degree and non-degree programs as parts of an agile ecosystem that educates and upskills learners as they prepare for their next moves.

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education
Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

We let you focus on what matters most

Landa’s services and contracts allow you to utilize a single suite of technology, learning design, marketing, recruiting and support systems to manage online and on-campus students. We lead teams through the challenges of online transition, freeing up time for you and your faculty to focus on what matters most.

Our Network Effects Serve You Efficiently

Our partner universities benefit from our scale and our network effects.

We continually invest in innovative technology and systems, and use benchmark data and innovative collaborations to improve our programs and lower costs.

Collaborations That Move You Forward

Several organizations and corporations need to recruit, retain, and upskill their employees.

Landa helps universities form trustworthy, efficient partnerships with these organizations for training and research - in turn generating revenue.

A Sustainable Growth Model

Landa helps universities lower costs while raising student-faculty engagement.

Our systems and contracts are designed to be extraordinarily effective in delivering your learning objectives, yet cost-effective.


Discover more about us.

What do we offer your university?

We provide Open Learning-as-a-Service (OLaaS) and the technical support you need to effectively run an online system for your academic content and delivery. Beyond the technology, we also provide marketing, sales and support systems to help you make the most of (and from) your new 100% online program.

How can Landa help your university right now?

We can do that with a single technology and administrative infrastructure that will support both online and on-campus instruction. This is not only efficient and resilient, it puts great tools in the hands of every student and lecturer.

Why don’t you just build your Learning Management System (LMS) and other online tools yourself?

We do not advise it, even though we are certain we can provide a better program more quickly than you can build alone. Our partners agree that we add value long after a program is launched. Our ongoing research, tech infrastructure, marketing and sales experience, support team, and the network of schools we are building with position us to provide the most intuitive and effective tools needed for ultra-successful online programs today.

How many students and staff can our technology and support system cater for?

Any number! However, we typically will recommend engaging with a minimum of 5000 students to fully enjoy the economies of scale and reduced cost across board. Click here on the “For Universities” page) to schedule a call with one of our managers who can guide with answers and provide other specifics.

What technologies does Landa invest in?

We are investing in two areas: first, we provide tech that connects a variety of products into an increasingly seamless and collaborative experience for students and faculty. Second, we are building an administrative platform that securely allows us to co-manage every part of the marketing, recruiting, and support for students with our partner universities and institutions.

Without a huge investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, Africa’s development will continue to be impeded. Indeed, given the complexity facing the developing world, economic growth, and improvements in the standard of living will continue to rely on innovations and technological breakthroughs.

— Brookings

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education
Landa is not a university. We enable our top, accredited partner universities & institutions with technology so that they can offer and issue degrees & certificates to millions of learners around the world. 100% online.
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