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Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics

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Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

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Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics

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Restricted access to education and poor learning outcomes have a major impact on the skills of the workforce and hence economic development.


Why STEM and Business?

Understand why we are focused on STEM and Business.

STEM transforms lives

STEM education is a proven driver for economic performance and this is essential for helping young Africans and Africa compete in the global market, create jobs especially in STEM, and improve wealth.

More businesses should mean more impact

22% of Africa’s working-age population are starting businesses - the highest entrepreneurship rate in the world. We care about how they approach business and the scale of impact that it can have on our continent. This is why we are committed to delivering education that advances business - at scale.

Upskilling traditional Higher Ed

Traditional higher institutions are responsible for the education of over 95% of young African graduates. We want to ensure that they are delivering globally competitive, quality education in impactful, engaging fields - especially STEM and Business.

More is better. In STEM.

Less than 1 out of 4 African higher education students are in STEM fields. The future demands more. We are rising to this challenge by working to double STEM involvement in 5 years.

Inclusive. More women in STEM.

From less than 7% of women who study STEM-related courses in Nigeria’s higher education, we are committed to driving participation and program completion for women to 25% by 2026.
Innovative young thinkers and entrepreneurs emerging from Africa are not only changing the continent, but the world—but not nearly enough of them are women. Brookings.

We are powering the future

60% of Africa’s population is currently under 25 - about 19% of the global population of 15- to 24-year-olds. By 2035, sub-Saharan Africa will have a working population larger than the entire rest of the world combined.
They should be guaranteed full access to education, training, skills and technology, and to all necessary resources to realize their full potential.

Our approach is backed by policy

The African Union’s Agenda 2063 – a long-term strategic framework for the transformation of the African continent over the next 50 years – envisions a bright STEM future for Africa’s prosperity, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Why you should study at a top University in Africa

Student debt is not a burden you should carry in pursuit of quality higher education. With technology and the commitment of our partner universities to unlocking access to quality programs, our tuition rates are designed to be affordable, with you and your future plans in mind.

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2023/2024 Admissions

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Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education
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Work with our dedicated team of experts to solve workforce challenges and other organizational themes peculiar to doing business in Africa.

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

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Rather than raise student-faculty ratios, we help top universities in Africa to improve their educational content & delivery, and make their STEM and Business programmes more accessible – by raising online capacity and making their support systems more efficient.

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

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Without a huge investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, Africa’s development will continue to be impeded. Indeed, given the complexity facing the developing world, economic growth, and improvements in the standard of living will continue to rely on innovations and technological breakthroughs.

— Brookings

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education
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