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We take your future just as seriously as you do, and our personalized approach means that you’ll receive expert guidance throughout your journey, enabling you prioritize lifelong learning and thrive professionally in a rapidly changing world.

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education

Why you should study at a top University in Africa

Affordable tuition fees

The students are our priority and the inexpensive price you pay to access quality education, compared to the alternatives is proof.

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Flexible payment plans

We have designed payment plans with up to 3 installments per year so you can focus on what matters most - your growth.

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Effective learning experience

Learning content and delivery are focused on ensuring optimum knowledge transfer and applicability in real scenarios.

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Top programs only

Quality STEM and Business Education have been carefully curated from the continent’s leading universities just for you.

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Globally recognized institutions

Our partner universities are top, accredited institutions with degrees that are recognized and accepted across the world.

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Meet brilliant students from Africa and beyond

You get to connect with great students from different cultures as classmates and colleagues.

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Post-program relevance

The programs are selected to offer you a viable career path post-varsity. Even more, the universities delivering the programs are reputable and renowned for excellence.

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Discover more about us.

What is Landa’s approach to delivering world-class degrees?

We partner with world-class institutions, mainly Africa’s top universities and enable them with technology and support to deliver globally competitive educational programs and credentials in the most in-demand, impactful and employable industries.

Why are Landa’s degree programs focused on STEM and Business?

First, STEM and Entrepreneurship have been proven as economic drivers which ties strongly to our mission of accelerating Africa’s development by educating its growth drivers. Second, the worrisome yet increasing rate of unemployment and underemployment in Africa requires us to focus on in-demand skills and industries.

What degree programs are on Landa?

Landa’s degree programs are in STEM and Business fields. They include Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Business Administration. More programs will be introduced soon.

What makes our degree programs unique and effective?

We enable top universities and programs with the right technology and support tools to empower students in viable, relevant and in-demand fields. You will also be able to access globally renowned learning tools and resources, all online through our Virtual Learning Campus (VLC).

Who designs and delivers these degree programs?

University faculty of the issuing institution provides and delivers the coursework including modules and assessments, and have oversight of the evaluation of the student group. Landa supports with program design and management to ensure that courses are delivered in a highly supportive, interactive and effective way.

Without a huge investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, Africa’s development will continue to be impeded. Indeed, given the complexity facing the developing world, economic growth, and improvements in the standard of living will continue to rely on innovations and technological breakthroughs.

— Brookings

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education
Landa is not a university. We enable our top, accredited partner universities & institutions with technology so that they can offer and issue degrees & certificates to millions of learners around the world. 100% online.
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