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Impactful, post-class value.


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Important for personal & societal advancement.

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Landa - Business Management
Business Management and Strategy
Landa - Finance & Investment
Finance and Investment
Landa - Law & Compliance
Law and Compliance
Landa - Leadership Skills
Leadership and Interpersonal skills
Landa - Marketing
Landa - Sales & Business Development
Sales and Business Development
Landa - Sustainability
Landa - Ops Management
Operations and Supply Chain Management


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What is Landa’s approach to developing Africa-focused courses?

We partner with top African universities and global institutions to create and curate skills pathways with verifiable credentials in critical, disruptive, and in-demand courses that grow, empower and position you for success in Africa.

Our approach is summarized in two ways - creating tailored courses and curating relevant courses. We create tailored courses by partnering with top African universities and institutions to select, design and deliver online courses tailored specifically for expertise in areas of specializations that require and demonstrate deep, local and practical understanding of Africa.

The curation of relevant courses from top global institutions that are relevant to our learners’ career advancement and venture building in, and for Africa also plays a critical role in achieving our mission to accelerate Africa’s development by educating its growth drivers.

Why are Landa’s courses described as “Africa-focused”?

Because our courses are focused on the nuances and dynamics of Africa as a collective of institutions, markets and peoples, and helping you succeed here.

What types of courses are on Landa?

Our courses are designed with the intent and deliberateness of helping our learners crack Africa. Our learners who are founders, professionals, investors and businesses operating in, or for Africa have competence-building options across categories and industries to choose from. Our courses also help them navigate some themes in Africa such as culture, diversity, corruption and instability.

What makes our courses unique and effective?

We can be described as a “big niche” learning company that focuses on Africa. Our courses are effective because we optimize technology with a seamless combination of the real experiences of key successful figures and the academic prowess of the finest African universities & global institutions. Academically sound theories meet practice at Landa.

What course categories can be found on Landa?

We cover several categories including Business Management and Strategy, Finance and Investment, Law and Compliance, Leadership and Interpersonal skills, Marketing, Sales and Business Development, Sustainability, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Customer Success.

Without a huge investment in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, Africa’s development will continue to be impeded. Indeed, given the complexity facing the developing world, economic growth, and improvements in the standard of living will continue to rely on innovations and technological breakthroughs.

— Brookings

Landa | World-class STEM and Business Education
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